Autumn's Harvest

Candidate for 2019 Nicholl Fellowship Award!


LOGLINE:  Being born with a heart of gold and having interited one hundred million dollars, Autumn wrestles with what to do with her life after college graduation!

GENRE:  Coming of Age

Despite the fact that Autumn Marie Flowers, a beautiful, young, recent college graduate, struggles to discover what to do with the rest of her life, she is determined to realize where her passions truly lie as she is tasked with the management of an inheritance of one hundred million dollars.  Simultaneously, she is tormented with attempts to adopt a homeless child, the realization that her lifelong nanny has a debilitating cancer, and the sudden loss of her beloved aunt.  All of which prove to be too much for her gentle and tender spirit.  Eventually, her priorities align to reveal the depth of her innermost desires as her heart of gold is revealed throughout this tale of self-realization, selflessness, and independence.


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