My Land Is Your Land

This novel started off as a manuscript filled with erotic over and undertones.  It eventually evolved into an inspirational romance novel because writing sexually explicit scenarios did not sit well within my spirit.  God truly does work in mysterious ways.  He didn't allow it's publication until it fit into His plans, not mine.  So after several re-writes and an infinite number of rejections from agents and publishers in its former state, I am happy to announce that it has been revised to reflect my true spirit, not what I perceived the world wanted to read about - sex, drugs and rock and roll!  Hopefully, this modest writing will serve you, the reader, and fulfill what I believe is God's message to the world through me via this story.  I've found that it's not easy but that it is definitely more agreeable within my spirit for me to do things His way and not my own, hoping that His will and my will are one in the same! 

Below is a short synopsis:


THE PAST:  Back at the University of Berkeley, the commitment to dedicate his life to missionary work seems far too great of a challenge for him so he flees as fast and as furious as he can away from the two things that he truly needs - a heart dedicated to God and a heart dedicated to the only woman he has ever TRULY loved!

THE PRESENT:  After a six-year-split, former college sweethearts Eric Jordan and Sarah Knowles reunite in the most unexpected of places - the dark recesses of a broken-down elevator in an abandoned office building.  Passion reignites Eric's spirit making him determined to win back the affections of both God and Sarah.  But current trials and tribulations in their hometown severely tests the couple's renewed commitment to each other.

THE FUTURE: Despite the pain and heartbreak of Eric's past rejection, Sarah accepts what she perceives as God's will for her life and succumbs to Eric's sincere remorse and charismatic charms.  But is this the right thing to do after having her heart ripped apart by the only man she's ever TRULY loved?  Should she surrender herself - mind, body, and spirit - yet again?  Should these two young African American entrepreneurs merge or go their separate ways?

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"Being a Christian woman, I could definitely relate to the constant struggle Eric and Sarah had - to keep God first in their lives and to let Him be in control.  I was reminded during the reading of your book that God should always be whom we seek out first in good times and in bad."  ----  Review quote from IN THE COMPANY OF MY SISTAHS (ITCOMS) Bookclub.
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