Naturally Beautiful

What would you do if you recently inherited $100 million dollars?  What if you were considered one of the worlds most beautiful young women?  What would you do about the unfortunate hunger situation that exists in this country?  What if you couldn't decide what to do with yourself after college graduation?  What should you do with all of the many blessings that have been bestowed upon you?

In this inspirational romance novel you will find the answers to these questions and more.  Despite the fact that Autumn Flowers, a young bi-racial woman, struggles with herself to discover where her passions truly lie, her priorities align to reveal the depths of her innermost desires.  She is tormented by concerns of the heart when she attempts to adopt a homeless bi-racial child, she is devastated when her aunt dies and leaves her to manage the affairs of her multi-million dollar estate, she suffers with grief when her life-long caretaker is stricken with cancer, and the man of her dreams who happens to be white has moved to Italy after college graduation.  Her heart of gold is revealed throughout this tale of self-realization, independence, and giving back to God.


"What was that?  Oh my God!  Was that a kid out there?"  Autumn jumped up out of her sleeping compartment on the train that was passing the Grand Canyon on its way to Texas.  "Did you see that?  There was a little boy out there hanging on to the edge of the canyon!  There was no one around him and he needs help!"

It seemed that everyone on the train heard her cries but no one appeared to understand what she was talking about.  "Oh my God, can't anyone here understand English?"  She shouted, "I said there's a little boy out there who needs my help!  We must stop the train before it's too late!"  Still no one responded to her calls of desperation.  They all looked at her as if she were speaking a foreign language, as if she were a stranger in their land.  "My God!  Isn't this still America?  Why doesn't anyone in here speak English?"

Autumn then pushed her way through the train's sleeping compartment seeking an understanding ear.  "Which way is the conductor's car?  We need to stop the train!  There's an innocent little boy out there hanging on to the edge of the canyon!"  Even the train steward appeared to be another clueless illegal Mexican immigrant.  Autumn then shouted to the top of her lungs, "STOP THE TRAIN!"  Finally she had managed to capture everyone's attention in the car but after they stopped and stared at her, they all turned back around and went about their own business.

"This is ridiculous!  That boy needs our help and all you people can do is sit around stuffing your fat, foreign faces with food!  Someone's got to do something!"  She then spotted a black man sitting in the forth row from the front.  She thought, "surely the brotha will understand what I'm saying!"  She ran up to the man.  "Thank God I found someone who can understand what I'm trying to say!  I just saw a little boy hanging on to the rim of the canyon with one hand.  I didn't see anyone else around him.  I know he needs my help.  We need to stop this train right away!"  "No habla English, senorita."  Autumn stood there in shock, her mouth agape, a look of horror riding ripples across her face.  "What the . . ." she managed.  "Has this entire country lost its mind?  Am I the only one left who speaks actual English?"  She backed away from the man in complete terror.  "I've got to find a way to help that child!  Where's the conductor?  STOP THE TRAIN!  STOP THE TRAIN!  Somebody help me!  Lord, where are you?"  No sooner than she screamed those words, she fell across the isle onto the emergency stop pull-lever and the train screeched to an earsplitting halt!

Autumn Marie Flowers awoke from her nightmare in a cold sweat.  She sprang straight up and grabbed her heart which was pounding in her head.  She could actually hear her own heart beating as she shook herself and tried to blink the stubborn sleep from her terrified eyes.  After a moment, a wave of relief moved through her when she realized that it was just a dream.  "Thank God it was just a dream!  It was all a dream.  But why on earth would I have such a dream?  A dream about a little kid who needs me?  Humm - it all seemed so real.  Thank God it was just a dream!"

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"I loved it!  I thought it was wonderful the way the characters went straight to God for answers to their questions." --- quote from Marquinta Blackwell.

"It was great!  I wanted to read more about the whole family especially little Summer.  I wish I could see how cute she was in person! --- quote from Yolanda W.
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