The Present Is The Gift

Candidate for 2019 Diversity Feedback Film Festival &Table Read Screenplays!


Logline:  A present-day woman and a newly-freed female slave experience the exact same set of unfortunate circumstances in completely different eras!

Genre:  Urban Inspirational

What do a young 21st-century white woman, Layla, and a recently freed African American slave, Angel, have in common?  EVERYTHING!  When Layla receives a mysterious letter from Angel that is wrapped as a present, she discovers the tumultuous events of the past that parallel the same exact current situations in which she finds herself during today's modern times.

THE PRESENT IS THE GIFT details the turbulent times Layla is faced with as she struggles to find her own way in today's world after such devastating losses as suddenly losing her home in a foreclosure situation, losing her job due to the weakened economy and losing her 401k because of the unforgivable greed on Wall Street. 

Angel experiences the same exact struggles and losses when she becomes a freed slave and finds that her world is turned completely upside down.  She loses her home after being dismissed from the plantation, she loses her job upon her emancipation, and she loses her life-savings when she unknowingly places her trust in an unscrupulous backwoods swindler.

In THE PRESENT IS THE GIFT you will find out how two very different young women experience the very same life challenges more than a century apart as they struggle to survive in a world gone mad!

Both heartache and joy are revealed in this inspirational tale of untimely loss, selfless sacrifice and uncompromising devotion as Layla's destiny is finally recognized when she determines that the mysterious letter/present she received is the ultimate gift!
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