Well, I'll Be Damned!

Candidate for 2019 Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition!

WGA West Registration #1870287

LOGLINE:  Alone on a deserted island, a wife fights her way back to civilization to find her murderous husband living a carefree existence - having left her for dead!


LOGLINE:  After a murder attempt by her husband, a woman resolves to trust in the will of God and not seek revenge.  But her best friend has other ideas...

GENRE:  Realistic Drama

Peishence Jones' heart is way too kind.  She won't turn in her murderous husband, Cobra, even after he tried to kill her by throwing her overboard off a cruise ship!

After she manages to survive on a deserted island for about six weeks - alone, Peishence is rescued.  Upon her return to civilization, she discovers that her husband has cashed in a five-million-dollar life insurance policy on her and is now living large!

To the dismay of her best friend Ruth Luss, Peishence forgives Cobra and can't bring herself to turn her husband in so Ruth devises a diabolical plan to do away with him herself.  All the while, Peishence seeks peace within her own spirit for her own sanity and survival constantly reminding Ruth that vengeance is the lords'.

Ruth's attempts to kill Cobra are fruitless but fate somehow steps in and handles things without her intervention.  Peishence is unwittingly vindicated and ends up living happily ever after on a sprawling ranch with her newfound family in peace and love, giving all the glory to God!
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Otay Ranch